Avebury is a very special place, a World Heritage Site and it's almost on our doorstep, just 8 miles away. It is on The White Horse Trail and we have a 12 mile Avebury loop walk for those guests wanting to walk every bit of the Trail.

There are circular walks of various lengths around Avebury, but all have in common a visit to the stone circle where you can wander freely and, unlike Stonehenge, get up close to the stones. You can visit at any time, no charge - but  please note that the National Trust car park closes at 4.30pm in winter, 6.30pm in summer. The very interesting Alexander Keiller Museum is open every day and Avebury Manor and Garden is open several days a week during the main season. Avebury Manor was the subject of a BBC TV programme The Manor Reborn. You can see our Facebook photo album of Avebury Manor here.

For something a bit special, how about a personalised guided tour of Avebury and its environs? Whether you're interested in the origins of the stone circle, long barrows or hill forts, crop circles or the mystery of Silbury Hill, I can put you in touch with experts who can give you a far deeper insight into this historic landscape than you will get from an average guidebook. Ask for more details.

The photos on the left are taken in Avebury itself and its environs and those below are taken on the Avebury Loop and at Avebury Manor.

Click here for our illustrated Ridgeway diary, written after we walked the route in 2005.

Avebury stones photo

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Below are links to a few of the many websites about Avebury which you may find useful.

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