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As well as superb walking and sightseeing, Wiltshire also offers you the opportunity to see crop circles for yourselves. These huge patterns formed in the summer fields are best viewed by air although can also be seen whilst out walking or driving. Indeed, if you can manage to locate them, you may find yourself close enough to walk inside one but please respect the wishes of the farmers and don’t trespass. However, the past 3 years have seen few circles and many have been cut out by the farmers very quickly.

People come all over the world to view these beautiful formations and what better base than here in the centre of the county? Devizes plays host to an annual Crop Circle Conference  - 2017 dates are 28 - 30 July . See here for information and booking. Please note that there is always much demand for rooms that weekend.

A few years ago I was very lucky to be invited by guests to join them on a helicopter flight over many of the circles - although Roundway was out of their range. We flew with Fast Helicopters. See photos top left.

We were fortunate to have crop circles up on Roundway Hill in 2010 and 2011. The 2010 circle was huge and attracted much interest - see photos left, taken during a walk in the circle.

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