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Examples of Local Walks

We have a wide range of walks available to you, some of which we have devised ourselves, and some from various websites, magazines and books. There are plenty of walks to suit everyone but if you have a specific request, we will tailor walks to your requirements. You can walk from here, drive to a nearby start point (the vast majority of the walks are circular) or take a bus. There is a bus stop half a mile down the road or just over a mile along footpaths in Devizes itself for more choice of locations. On this page you will find a couple of examples of shortish walks you can take right from our door. Maps are courtesy of Tracklogs.

You can find photo albums of lots of our walks on our Facebook page.  

Walk 1: Coate 6.5 miles

This walk starts and finishes here at Southdown and is a version of one which we led for the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in October 2010 in connection with the White Horse exhibition.

The walk includes sections of the Kennet & Avon Canal and the Wessex Ridgeway, relics from WWII, a pub (the New Inn at Coate) and simultaneous views of both the Devizes and Alton Barnes white horses.

coate walk map

Walk 2: Roundway 4 miles

This walk starts and finishes here at Southdown and takes you up to the Devizes Millennium white horse on Roundway Hill, the Leipzig Plantation, Roundway Hill Covert and Olivers Castle.

roundway walk map