Wiltshire is very easy to reach, no matter how you want to get there and back. One of the best ways is to go by train, mainly because it is a straightforward option, but there are other options that you might want to consider.

If you are travelling by train from London, then you can get direct trains from Paddington to both Swindon and Chippenham in the north of the county. Trains from Waterloo will take you to the historic city of Salisbury. There are also direct train links with cities such as Southampton and Bristol. Those travelling in from cities such as Birmingham and anything further north may not find the train as convenient as it may be necessary to change trains.

Car Journeys to Wiltshire

However, if you want to visit Wiltshire and you are travelling with the family pet too, then the train is probably not the best option, and it may be more convenient for you to do it by car. In the south of the country, the M4 is the main motorway and cuts right through the north of the county via Swindon and Chippenham. The A36 and the A303 are the main road routes through the southern part of the county, hitting Salisbury, Amesbury and Warminster. The downside of travelling by car include the fact that you could be spending a lot of time in the car to get there, depending upon your starting point. Just remember that it is all worth it when you get there!

Another option is to take a plane. The cities of Southampton, Bristol and Exeter all have airports and are all within easy reach of the county, so if you want to get there very quickly, this might be the best option for you, but it definitely will not be the cheapest.