The White Horses of Wiltshire are a very popular tourist attraction. The horses are carved into the hillsides, and some have been around for more than 250 years. They are a very striking feature in the county, and there are plenty to visit in the area.

The oldest-known of the White Horses can be seen on Westbury Hill at Bratton Down. The location makes it a popular tourist attraction, and it is relatively easy to reach. Head to just east of the village of Westbury and use the car park just off the B3098 for some of the best views.

See the White Horses on Foot

Another of the White Horses that is easy to reach is that at Cherhill. Just east of the village, there are walking trails that can take you to the site. The horse is on the hillside just under the earthworks from the ancient Oldbury Castle.

One of the lesser-known White Horses is located at Marlborough. While it can be seen from a number of different places in the town, there are some trees on the site which mean that it can’t be easily seen from everywhere like some of the others.

For those who want to see a White Horse that has been well-restored, the Broad Town horse is a good option. Location just three miles away from the pretty town of Royal Wootton Bassett, this horse had been badly neglected. A restoration society was formed in the early 1990s, and over time it was brought back to life. There are plenty of footpaths that run from the village right up to the horse for you to get a closer look.

If you are staying in Wiltshire and want to see some of these iconic features, why not combine it with a walking holiday? Many are located near great walking trails that are perfect for all the family and even the family pet!