If you want to take your pet with you when you head off on your family holiday in Wiltshire, then it is a good idea to make sure that the journey is as good for them, as it is for every other member of the family.

Make sure that you pay a visit to your vet before you set off, particularly if your pet has had health issues in the past that could recur. If you are travelling internationally to the UK, then you will need to do this anyway, as you will require a pet passport.

Be Prepared

When you are packing supplies for your trips such as sandwiches and drinks, don’t forget your pet. They will need food and water too, along with regular stops, so that they can stretch their legs and don’t get too bored in the car.

If the trip is going to be a long one, and your pet is not used to being in the car for that amount of time, it is a good idea to do a few practices runs to get them used to it. Take them out for a longer drive than you would generally do, a few weeks before you are due to leave. Gradually build it up so that they are used to being in the car for more extended periods. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to gauge how they are going to react to the journey. Some dogs can suffer from travel sickness, and if you find this out before the main trip, you can take your vet’s advice on how best to handle it.

Make sure that you have the required restraint in place in your car. In the UK, you are not permitted to drive with an unrestrained pet in the car so you will need a suitable carrier or harness to keep the pet safe and secure during the journey.