In most instances, travelling with a pet to Wiltshire is relatively easy. You merely pack the family and the pet into the car and set off. It gets a little bit more complicated if you want to travel by public transport. Buses, trains and coaches will all have different requirements if you wish to take a pet with you, and it is advised you check with the individual transport companies before you travel. This is because they may want to charge you extra or expect you to ensure that the pets are within a suitable crate or pet carrier. Some travel companies do not allow pets.

International Travel with Pets

If you are travelling to Wiltshire from another country, then it may be that your pet will require a passport. This is reasonably easy to arrange, particularly if your pet is relatively healthy. There are a few requirements which need to be met concerning vaccinations and microchipping. Your animal will also need a pet passport.

When the UK leaves the EU, it is likely the requirements for travelling between countries with pets will change. This means that you will undoubtedly need to keep a very close eye as the situation changes, as at the present time it is unclear what the requirements are going to be when obtaining a pet passport for travelling abroad.

However, once you have sorted out all the formalities and you arrive in Wiltshire, you are sure to have a great time. Following some of the best walks around the county will bring you within sight of some of the most unique features which the UK and Wiltshire have to offer, including the numerous White Horses carved into the hillsides, and ancient structures such as Stonehenge. Exploring this beautiful county will ensure that you have a holiday to remember.